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Salvimet consists of two Latin words, Salvatore and Amet, The Saviour of the environment.

The Salvimet promise is simple, saving mother nature from nonbiodegradable disposals. In terms of doing so, we are a team of dreamers, hoping to fight for the planet, rather than abandoning it. United Nations Water Development Report-2018 estimated the clean-water scarcity is to be suffered by 6 billion people around the world by 2050. Intentionally or unintentionally, people exist on the water wiggling on the cause, for meeting up some and all needs.

About Us
About Us

Goals and Challenges

"More Masks than Jellyfish"- had been a title by The Guardian that evidently reflects the polypropylene pressure over the ocean. Disposable masks made of polypropylene or clothes turn the drinking water into contaminated water with cancer germs. In 2020, around 1.56 billion masks weighting ~5460 metric tonnes of plastic pollutants just contaminated the aqueous circumferences. And, notably mentioned, used chemicals during the manufacturing period to selling stages are another disposable material. Apart from these, disposals range from organic wood to hazardous inorganic chemicals and flammable liquids. These are, basically, the necessary stuff to accomplish our aims. Conducting activities on almost all disposals, we aim to turn those out to be either compostable or non-hazardous chemical or biological matter, or even recyclable. We also aim to generate those like a Regulated system or physical value- that is eco-friendly. "The Salvimet Project" aims to solve the environmental turmoils. Our products are novel, biodegradable, cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions. And one of our mega-project includes the development of cost-effective, antimicrobial, and biodegradable medical masks. For our work, we use natural resources and eco-friendly stuff to eliminate disposals that affect the environment badly.

We, from our environment, look for resources that might be abundant or excessive, or adequate. Then, after a few screenings considering our socio-economic condition, we choose the most probable help for the solution. Thus, we are developing novel, biodegradable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solutions utilizing the perfect help.

About Us

Current Projects

In this time of covid, in the context of Public Health, the correlation is more likely to be straight with nonbiodegradable biomedical equipment, which is used by our health professionals and general people extensively, every day. This much nonbiodegradable medical equipment disposal will contaminate a huge portion of our water.

By then, we were already fixed on our aim to solve this global crisis. Later on, we started working with our advisors, from different universities all over the world. Eventually, considering the current breakdown in health and environmental ground, our journey commenced developing equipment that might be a savior in health and environmental crises. And, we have initiated the development of cost-effective, biodegradable, and antimicrobial medical and nonmedical equipment. For example, the regularly used N-95 face mask is made up of polypropylene membrane, which is more likely to be nonbiodegradable than our expected one. we have developed masks that are as safe as the N-95 but safe for the environment too.

We blindly look for adequate amounts of natural resources for our solutions; and other resources are wasted highly in daily life. Thus, we can make our products less expensive than the existing ones. As well, another part of our team storms out of the global crises and filters a schematic product to work on. Finally, by blending these two principles, we are a promise, aiming to ensure biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions to the people also to mother nature.

1. Biodegradable face mask

2. Biodegradable PPE

About Us

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